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Absent workers equates to lost productivity and lost dollars. It can also lead to unhappy clients due to long wait times or the need to reschedule an appointment. If this happens frequently enough this could lead to unhappy clientele, don’t let absent workers effect your office productivity and overall client satisfaction.


At Canadian Dental staffing our team consists of experience dental professionals, who are not only highly trained in their field but they are skilled at the art of temporary work and making your clients feel comfortable and secure. We also understand the importance of employee morale and office dynamics. Our staffs goal is to keep your practice running smoothly at maximum capacity.


Canadian Dental Staffing Can help you with temporary and permanent placements from half a day, one day, one week, one month or long term temporary placements for long term maternity leaves, extended vacations, or to keep the office running smoothly while you search for a permanent employee.


At Canadian Dental Staffing, our mission is to help dental professionals network at a new level. Connecting the dental community with a professional, reliable, and convenient service for both the office and dental personnel seeking employment. Our agency runs 24/7 for your convenience, we will strive to maximize success and minimize stress, providing excellent staff placement services throughout Vancouver.